Bad Poetry Friday!

It’s Bad Poetry Friday!

I’m not going to inflict this upon you every Friday, but when I’m running a pinch low on ideas for blog posts, I might throw up an old poem. And yes, I use the phrase “throw up” deliberately.

Today’s poem is an embarrassingly recent effort (I might pull out poems from high school, which should be fun and horrifying), written during a bit of an emo moment that I promise I am no longer having. I also hope that this poem does not represent my true writing ability, because if it does, then I’m sure you’d be smart to abandon this blog now because clearly I’m going nowhere.

Please only click to read more if you are a masochist. Otherwise, scroll on unscathed and we’ll pretend this never happened.

Emotions by J. Sevick

Surging, crashing, uncontrolled

Emotions contain oceans

In their hold

My blood, my bones, my skin are weak

To fight off chains of pain

Or fog of bleak

I breathe, I blink, my heart still beats

But I am full and empty

Made of defeats

Can humans be alone in this?

Life demands no strength but life

And fortune’s kiss

And yet I cannot live but feel

Deeper wounds than knife or blow

That do not heal

Is there deeper meaning in the pain?

For what I feel of life

Emotions reign

More than time or work or friend

The feelings stay with and within

Until the end

At least that end will come and find

Emotions can no longer bind

I guess that’s kind.


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