Bad Poetry Friday: True Love

This is my only published work.

The summer before sixth grade, this poem was published in a magazine for children’s writing. I thought it would be smooth sailing to stardom from there. In reality, I probably peaked right at that moment.

Either way, this poem was written by an eleven-year-old with delusions of grandeur and no sense of rhythm or subtlety. And it’s probably the most regurgitated crap I’ve ever read—but… eleven, so I guess I’ll give myself some leeway.

But you shouldn’t. So please, ignore.

True Love by J. Sevick

Those kisses in the garden

Those walks in the park

Your voice is sweet as angels

Just like a young lark


Whispers near the roses

The tulips shall not hear

I never doubt your sweet ideas

Because I hold you dear


True love is a wonderful venture

Out into worlds so true

I have a simple message

Merely, I love you!


About J. Sevick

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