Sharing and Promotion

iPod Pics 009

This is a picture of one of my babies (Kozmo). Yes, I’m a cat lady—deal with it. I could do an entire blog of blurry iPod photos and videos of my (parents’) two cats, and never run out.

But this is allegedly a writing blog, and maybe hopefully someday a professional one. So blogging a lot about me and my personal life (of which my cats are the most interesting part) feels a bit strange. Not to mention the scariness of putting yourself out there for internet strangers to judge.

However, the whole point of a blog is to connect with others. When I read a book that I love, I go to the author’s website to see what they’re about. Maybe they’ll talk about their process, which might give me an inside scoop on how that book I love came to be. But I’m also interested in the person behind the book, not in a creepy way, but in a genuine human-connection sort of way. I’m not messaging them or trying to meet them in person; I just want to know a little more about them. I think that’s what makes books and their authors real—and, as an author-wannabe, it makes me feel like I could be one of them someday.

The internet is all about sharing and connecting. Sometimes, at the worst end of things, that can lead to infringing, uncomfortable, and unacceptable behavior. But at the best of times, it can lead to friendships and encouragement and the feeling that you are not alone. That only happens when we share ourselves as openly as possible (and as much as we are comfortable with).

This last month or so, since my birthday, I’ve really been working on being more honest and more true to myself, no matter what judgment or criticism I may receive as a result. I suppose that has to go for online as well. I would never share personal details that might jeopardize my safety, or that would infringe on others’ privacy, but being a little more open about who I am outside of my writing might just help others to connect. And that’s ultimately the whole point of putting out a blog at all.

I’m still figuring out how to blog every day, and what to blog about. Post after post about how I’m struggling with writing (as I always am and fear I always will be) is bound to get repetitive and annoying pretty soon, if it hasn’t already. And while I’m desperate to get to the “other side” and start blogging about my success in writing, I don’t have any solid idea of when that will be a reality instead of just a dream. So in the meantime, as I continue to chronicle my struggles, I suppose I can also start to share a little more of myself.

It will most definitely be boring, and probably vague, because I still prefer to keep most things private. And there may be plenty of times where you judge me—fair enough. But I’m trying to learn how to be a more authentic human being, how to love myself for who I am, and as a part of that, how to (proudly?) put that self out there into the world for all to see.

Mostly, that means cat pictures.

And here is my other baby (Maggie), the queen of snark.



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