Bad Poetry Friday: Sight

It’s Bad Poetry Friday again! I’m going to retire this feature soon, I think, because as much crappy poetry as I have stocked up, I really don’t think it’s necessary to inflict it upon the world.

But I have a couple more recent poems like this one that I’m going to share for fun. This one’s a short, free-form poem with an obvious point—subtlety is not my strong suit.

Sight by J. Sevick

Don’t tell me you loved me

At first sight

Tell me you loved me

When you heard my joke about peanuts

When you saw me feeding pigeons the rest of my pretzel

When we both loved the robot documentary

When I sent you that playlist

When I didn’t care about you helping your ex move

When I found the perfect gift for your mother

When I made you cookies

When I taught you French

When we shared nachos at the baseball game

When I remembered your favorite movie

Love me for the things I do

The things I say

The way I think


Not the way I look

The real question is

Can you see me?


About J. Sevick

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