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Fear and the Writer

In finally finishing a draft, I achieved so much of what I’ve wanted for so long—just a finished draft, of anything. Sure, because of its length, I can’t really do anything with it (I suppose I could polish it for … Continue reading

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One Month Challenge: Final Update

First, the bad news: I failed the One Month Challenge. Miserably. About a week ago, a doubt set in that I couldn’t shake, and it just spiraled out completely. So, for that, I really suck. BUT in a twist I … Continue reading

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Another Key to Drafting: Keep Moving Forward

For me at least, the middle of the draft is a whirlwind of emotion. On the one hand, I’m actually writing. Not thinking about writing, not talking about writing, not writing about writing—WRITING. And that’s huge, and awesome, particularly for … Continue reading

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The State of the Blog

So, shockingly, I’ve been keeping up with posting daily for about three months now. You can probably tell from the state of the some of the posts that it’s not easy to keep thinking of new topics without retreading the … Continue reading

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Writing Crappy Plots: The Key to the First Draft

It’s common writer wisdom to write rough first drafts. Just get through it, no matter how bad. And at the level of the sentence, the paragraph, the words, it’s not that hard. I can accept that these sentences don’t have … Continue reading

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Sexism in Romance

I’ve written a few times about my relationship with romance and stories like Twilight… it’s complicated. But I saw this Tumblr thread the other day about John Green’s defense of Twilight and others who took issue with that defense, and it … Continue reading

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Summary Outlines

Between the idea and the draft, there’s the constant struggle between the need to plan and the desire to just start writing—depending on what sort of writer you are, of course. If you’re someone who simply cannot know what’s going … Continue reading

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