Blog Award Thank You!

Hi all,

I just wanted to thank the amazing Victoria Davenport who nominated me for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award:


I am so honored and grateful! You should most definitely check out her blog! 😀

And, in the spirit of the award, I will list seven facts about myself (prepare to be bored to death):

1. Even though it is 2014 and no one needs a wall calendar anymore, I still love getting “sleeping cat/kitten” calendars… surprising no one.

2. I write to instrumental music, mostly soundtracks, and with the draft I fell in love with Pandora–particularly the Zoe Keating channel! Once you suggest likes and dislikes, it becomes more and more exactly what you need…

3. In high school, I used to co-host a really horrible, awful public access talk show. That was… really, really bad. 🙂

4. I have a very eccentric taste in music–playing ‘random’ on my mp3 player will bring up multiple languages, and everything from classical to dubstep to metal to pop (not a big fan of country, though, for some reason). And I seem to be one of those people that likes all the bands/singers that everyone else hates and makes fun of–like Nickelback and Celine Dion. *shrug* It’s good practice for not caring what people think, because I still like them anyway.

5. I LOVE looking at cookbooks–but I never cook. Laziness, mostly, with a good helping of intimidation. But all of those pretty cookbooks… someday. 🙂

6. I listen to a sound machine every night–thunderstorm. I just like the white noise, and I love the sound of rain.

7. My biggest (and most random) pet peeve: balconies without doors. I’ve always wanted a balcony to hang out on, and when they don’t have doors (because they’re purely decorative), I just feel like: what’s the point? And am I going to have to climb out a window?

As for nominating other blogs–the problem is I don’t really follow too many blogs. I definitely should work on that, but I just get so busy with other things. I would totally nominate Victoria Davenport‘s blog… but she nominated me as part of her own nomination, so that’s a bit of an endless cycle there.

For the sake of spreading some love anyway, here’s at least one blog on Tumblr you should FOR SURE check out: MedievalPOC. This blog challenges the MYTH that historical Europe was all white by posting art (and the occasional political/pop culture commentary) that features people of color, created throughout European history. Fascinating stuff, and worth a look just to understand a little bit more about the way the world really is (and how far we still have to go).

Thank you so much for the award!!! 😀


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2 Responses to Blog Award Thank You!

  1. Haha! Great post 🙂 No shame in cute kitty calendars! Haha, and I listen to sound machines, and hate pointless balconies. Thanks for the sort of re-nomination as well 😉

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