Blog Award Nomination

Hello all!

I am extremely honored to have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by thepaperbutterfly!


Thank you SO much for the nomination, and I encourage you all to check out her blog!

As part of the nomination, I’ve got seven facts to think up… hmm…


  1. Embarrassingly enough, I like to talk to myself. It helps me to get my thoughts out verbally, rather than letting them bounce around loosely in my mind. When I’m planning things out, or trying to figure out what I’m feeling, it helps to just… talk aloud. Not in a back-and-forth multiple-voices sort of way, but like I’m explaining it to… the air. Okay, I sound crazy. Anyway…
  2. I am so NOT a movie snob. While I can appreciate the artistry of an Oscar-winning movie, my favorites are always superhero and fantasy/sci-fi movies, maybe with a romance or musical thrown in. Even when I know how bad some of those movies are, I still like them better.
  3. The only country I’ve been to outside the U.S. is France—but I am dying to go anywhere in Europe as soon as I can find a way to get more of that, um, green stuff, like paper, that everyone likes…
  4. I love roller coasters (only the up-and-down ones, not upside-down), but ever since I threw up in a garbage can at Cedar Point, I get nauseous really easily. So I can go on rides, but not too many in a row, and not all of them. It means when I go with friends I spend a lot of time sitting on benches while they go on—but I don’t mind. The most fun was at Wizarding World of Harry Potter… like sitting in Hogsmeade. No problem!
  5. I don’t have cable or anything at my current place, just Netflix, but I like to watch TV while I eat—so I’ve been watching old sitcoms. Currently, it’s Frasier.
  6. When I was in fifth grade, I made it to the county spelling bee—and came in fourth, I think. Got out on “obstetrician.” After a humiliating disaster at the qualifying round the next year (got out on “quiche” in the first round), I faked failing the spelling tests to avoid going to the qualifying round—a teacher tried to call me on spelling things wrong on purpose, but I refused to fess up. By that time (8th grade), I was far too shy for public speaking.
  7. I’m horrible at picking favorites. Other than books (Harry Potter, obviously), I couldn’t pick a favorite movie, food, song, etc.—it just depends on my mood.

I’m sure you’re all just fascinated…

Well, thank you again to thepaperbutterfly! I would gladly nominate her for an award in return, but she just answered her own facts so you can just check them out on her blog. I would also nominate Victoria Davenport, but since she too just responded to a nomination, I won’t obligate her to go through it again. 🙂

Thanks so much!!


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2 Responses to Blog Award Nomination

  1. I’m not a movie snob either, lol. My favorites are a lot of romantic comedies, like The Wedding Singer XD I am a bit of a book snob though :$ I’m trying not to be, but after reading so much of Cormac McCarthy anything less seems like something less. It’s not that there is only one way to write a story, but I love poetic prose. I read books more for the prose instead of the story. But McCarthy has been accused of flat stories, and I don’t want to fall into that rut. I’d rather be like Margaret Atwood with good prose and a good story. So I’m branching out in my literary interests. I love Frasier too XD I watched the whole series on Hulu like twice. Now I’m going through my third run-through of Law and Order: SVU. I just turn it on while I’m doing chores, and suddenly chores aren’t so boring 🙂 I’ve never been to France. I’ve been to Canada, Switzerland, and Japan (husband’s family lives here). I have some friends in Europe and Australia I would like to meet. I just keep having hip surgeries, lol. Maybe next year 🙂

    • J. Sevick says:

      Law and Order: SVU is so addicting! 🙂 And I took a whole course in college on Margaret Atwood–I particularly like her sci-fi stuff (Handmaid’s Tale, Oryx and Crake), but then I’m a genre fan so… obviously. 😀

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