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Saying Goodbye to a Story

When an idea begins to come together, when it builds into a story, when you see what it could become—there is nothing more exhilarating. For me, that feeling of raw creation is why I write. But sometimes, as you develop … Continue reading

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Couple Development Worksheet

Once all factors have been determined and calibrated, what should result is a couple that interests you and the answer to the question: Why can they not be together and happy/safe/committed? The story that you write will answer the question: … Continue reading

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The Normal Threshold

When building a world, based in our own, but with supernatural or sci-fi elements, you have to begin with the world we know. A completely alternate world does not need this calculation; a historical world within our own could begin … Continue reading

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Male-Female Partnerships

I’ve noticed a common dynamic in male-female partnerships in media, mostly television, which is a little bit troubling. It wouldn’t be troubling on its own, but the sheer ubiquity of it, as well as the scarcity of its opposite, is … Continue reading

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Hi All! Took a week off, got nothing done, of course. 🙂 But I’m slowly (hopefully surely) building towards a new project while I’m still waiting on some feedback and prepping the first project for the next step… which, depending … Continue reading

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