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Holiday Break

Hi all, In honor of a combination of holiday chaos, my continued state of creative limbo, and laziness, I’ve decided to take a break for the holiday season. My plan is to return around New Year’s, though I may post … Continue reading

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Random Recommendation Time!

Hi all, Just in time for winter breaks that might lend themselves to some leisure time, I thought I’d recommend a time-suck that is both entertaining and enlightening! The media critic videos of Chez Apocalypse offer a myriad of fascinating discussions … Continue reading

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Keeping a Development Journal

A lot of writing advice suggests keeping some kind of journal. I’ve always romanticized the idea of keeping a diary… and never been able to stick with it for more than a day. And while I do keep a small … Continue reading

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What We Think About When We Think About Writing

In my personal opinion, writing is more of a mental game than any other art. For some art forms, the craft is in the skill of the delivery as much as if not more than the actual content. For others, … Continue reading

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What You Like to Read

Common writing advice states that you should, “write the book you’d like to read.” I think that’s lovely, true advice. But it’s not always as easy to follow as it sounds. The parts of the mind which engage in reading … Continue reading

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When in Doubt, Cats

I’m really struggling to come up with a blog post today, since I’m kind of in limbo on a lot of things… so rather than force some half-baked crap on anyone, I’m just going to post a picture of my … Continue reading

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The Evolution of the Body Image Issue

For whatever reason, somewhere along the line, humans started getting really, really concerned about how they look. Maybe it’s because we have a far more evolved mating system than other animals; maybe it’s because we have a far more evolved … Continue reading

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