Random Recommendation Time!

Hi all,

Just in time for winter breaks that might lend themselves to some leisure time, I thought I’d recommend a time-suck that is both entertaining and enlightening!

The media critic videos of Chez Apocalypse offer a myriad of fascinating discussions about pop culture–movies, TV shows, and books. I started with “Folding Ideas,” a series of really interesting critical analyses, and found my way to the joys of “Stuff You Like” and “Nostalgia Chick,” which offer a more personal review-style look at various works of media.

The videos range in length and style, and there’s no need to watch them in any sort of order. My recommendation is to find a video about something you’ve seen or are interested in, and give it a try! If you’re like me, you’ll quickly find yourself addicted.

Enjoying media as shallow entertainment is important, and I certainly indulge. But examining it in depth, questioning its choices and construction, and learning how to experience media in a more three-dimensional way can be a powerful tool for any creator–and for consumers as well. And in this age of the internet, access to interesting analysis of pop culture has never been more attainable.

So enjoy! 🙂


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