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The Feminist Baseline

I think there’s a fundamental conversation that we tend to skip over when we talk to someone—anyone—about feminism, and I think the lack of that conversation causes untold problems in the way we talk about these vital issues. The very … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts on Writing Romance

Exactly what it says on the tin. 🙂 Romance plots come in three types: Major plotline (sometimes only plotline)—the conflict generated by this romance, as well as the scene time dedicated to resolving the conflict, makes up a major portion … Continue reading

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How Being a Pack Rat Can Kill Your Writing

There’s a myth out there—perpetuated by images of lightbulbs popping overhead and final pages being set upon tidy piles beside typewriters—that books arrive fully formed, like babies delivered already cute and bundled by the stork. Oh, sure, it may not … Continue reading

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Blog Update

Anyone who actually tries to follow this blog regularly (bless you) may wonder where I’ve been and if I’ve abandoned this blog. The answer to the latter is definitively no, I have not and will not abandon this blog. The answer … Continue reading

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve had the same New Year’s Resolution: This year, I’ll write my book. Last year, I made a new one (seeing as how that one had never worked): Next year, I will not … Continue reading

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