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Anyone who actually tries to follow this blog regularly (bless you) may wonder where I’ve been and if I’ve abandoned this blog. The answer to the latter is definitively no, I have not and will not abandon this blog. The answer to the former is also quite simple: I’ve been in the same place, doing nothing–and therefore, blogging nothing.

Is a bad and repetitive blog post better than no post at all? I don’t know enough about site traffic or regular readership to answer that question, nor is high readership my primary goal (it would be a cool perk, but I’m not holding my breath). My main goal here is to discuss, explore, and ultimately someday promote my writing, and express myself along the way.

But lately… there hasn’t been much new to express. On the “official” front, I’ve sent out my query letters and am waiting to hear back (or rather, waiting not to hear). And I’ve come to peace with that, with the idea that publication may not happen right now or in the way that I’d always imagined for this project, and that’s okay. I still have to just wait, though.

In the meantime, I’ve been attempting to start a second project, though as I’ve mentioned ominously before on this blog, with little success. It’s the same old crap as always–multiple version of ideas competing, uncertainty about plot or character, doubt and false starts and abandoned outlines. And to blog about that process of trial and error again–and again, and again–I think that would probably be worse than not blogging at all.

Yet I do not want to let this blog sit idle and blank for too long, and so I will work to try and post something as regularly as possible–I can’t promise I’ll get back to three times a week right now, but at the very least once a week. In the meantime, feel free to explore my archives–some of my earlier posts (when I was still a fresh wee blogger) remain some of my best.

My current slump could change any day now, and I’ll have tons of fun new drafting posts to write! (Ah, delusion, my old friend.) So for anyone willing to stick around–I appreciate you. And for anyone new poking around, you don’t want to miss this train wreck! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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