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Choosing a Kind Target Audience

As I write, even a first draft, I am constantly thinking about two things: quality and reception. These are absolutely the WRONG things to be thinking about while drafting, for all sorts of reasons, but they happen beyond my control. … Continue reading

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Permission to Fail

I always thought finishing a draft was everything. Not just because that’s the only way to even get close to publication–because I figured that all my doubts and insecurities about writing were just because I didn’t know what I was … Continue reading

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Analysis Paralysis: Killing Your Novel Before It Dies… Or Even Lives

[So there were zero votes in last week’s poll… which I take as the entire internet choosing the secret fifth option: “Don’t care, nobody reads this crap anyway.” Which is probably for the best of humanity, so… For now, I’m … Continue reading

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Update Poll!

Hi All, As you might have noticed, my update schedule has been a bit random lately. I do think that the quality of the posts is, on the whole, better for the fact that I’m only posting when I actually … Continue reading

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The Draw of the Alpha Hero: Cognitive Dissonance and the Modern Woman

I consider myself to be an independent, intelligent, feminist woman, and am proud to call myself these things. While not romantically inclined in my personal life, I find myself attracted to romantic fantasies in my reading habits—sometimes I struggle with … Continue reading

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