Happy 2016!!

So, I’m still here, though I missed my usual maudlin (or motivational!) New Years post by a couple days. I hope the start of 2016 brings with it hope and encouragement for all of you–a new year, a new chance to achieve your dreams! I’ve said “This is the year…” since about 1999, but I will always say it again: This is the year. Let’s do this.

Fanfiction continues to be an amazing outlet for my creativity, full of support and enthusiasm and, well, creating. It came into my life when my original work was at a low point, and I plan to keep it in my life as long as I can–even though my original work has to start asserting itself a little more in my creative life. But I will not be ashamed of writing fanfic; in fact, I recommend it to any writers who are struggling with maintaining their engagement and sense of fun (and experimentation!) in their writing. It is still art, and there are so many rewards, even if they’re not financial.

What I am ashamed of is how I’ve let this blog go. My Tumblr blog has provided that outlet for writing and social media, though it’s almost entirely focused on fanfiction and participating in the Arrow fandom community (enter at your own risk; that blog is for fun and fangirling, not for professional behavior). 😉 And as my original writing began to stagnate more and more, I felt less inclined towards posts about tips and tricks that clearly weren’t working for me… or endless whining about the same old problems again and again.

I’m not going to bog down the blog with excuses–or promises I’ll fail to keep. I would like to write more posts on writing when I can, especially as I work to jumpstart my original works, and once again I CAN promise I have not abandoned this blog. But what a not-abandoned, yet not-quite-active blog will look like… I don’t know.

I’m honored if anyone is still following along (or stopping by) in any capacity; I more than understand if no one is. But I’ll still be puttering around here, posting things (more Bad Poetry Fridays, anyone? ;P Just kidding, I wouldn’t do that to you!), and I’m grateful for all of you out there.

Here’s to 2016!!! May it be the ever-elusive “Year.”

– J


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