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Developing Ideas: One Path from Idea to Draft

You start with an idea, a glimmer in your eye, a shimmer in the void, a vague sense of maybe… It may be a single image, a lone character, an interesting what if? You poke and prod, squint and twist, … Continue reading

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Staring into the Abyss: Finding the Characters

Usually, my ideas start with a world. Then I try to find the conflict, the story, and maybe some of the plot. This involves finding the protagonist, the antagonist, maybe a few other key players. But at some point, the … Continue reading

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Building a Character from Scratch

As you develop your idea into a story, you might need to work through vague plot elements and story structure, and in doing so, you’ll fill the roles required with vague “placeholder” characters. At some point, you’ll look at your … Continue reading

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