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This post has been a long time coming (which sounds a lot more dramatic than it needs to be; what can I say? Writer). The first couple months of this year, I was low. I don’t know what it was, … Continue reading

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The Plan B Life

When I was very young, I fell in love with books. And it wasn’t long before I realized I wanted to make books—about the time I realized books were made by people and not delivered from the ether. I mentioned … Continue reading

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When Ambition Goes Wrong

I wrote a few days ago about dreaming big, and I stand by everything I said there. I think having big dreams and wild ambition (and the confidence to stand by it and go after it) is awesome, if that’s … Continue reading

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Dream Big

I FINISHED MY BOOK!!!!!!! April Fools! Ha… ha. Well, that was just depressing. Moving on to my planned post for the day: I’ve always been taught to be humble (and polite and nice and good—all of which are good things … Continue reading

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The Evolution of a Dream

There’s a home video of me, six years old, saying I want to write books. I had just learned that the books I love came from somewhere—or rather, from someone. And I wanted to be that someone. I folded stacks … Continue reading

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