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Why I Hate the Idea of the Friendzone

Here’s why I hate the whole “men are only friends with women to have sex with them” idea—even if it’s true, which it shouldn’t be: Because it reduces a woman’s value as a person to sex. You can’t possibly want … Continue reading

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A Thousand Tiny Slights

I understand the desire to just ignore politics and social issues. For most of my life, I was completely ignorant of just how deep issues like racism and sexism ran in our society—part of the privilege of belonging to the … Continue reading

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The Friendzone and The Hunchback of Notre Dame

[I posted this on Tumblr, where it was promptly ignored, so I figured I’d put it here to be ignored as well. Just some random thoughts I had…] So, on a whim, I watched the Disney movie The Hunchback of … Continue reading

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Sexism in Romance

I’ve written a few times about my relationship with romance and stories like Twilight… it’s complicated. But I saw this Tumblr thread the other day about John Green’s defense of Twilight and others who took issue with that defense, and it … Continue reading

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When You Like Problematic Things–As a Creator

I wrote a while back about liking problematic things as a consumer—how we inevitably support problematic media because, well, we like it. Even being aware of how it’s problematic doesn’t cancel out the elements we do enjoy—and sometimes, due to … Continue reading

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Bad Poetry Friday: Sight

It’s Bad Poetry Friday again! I’m going to retire this feature soon, I think, because as much crappy poetry as I have stocked up, I really don’t think it’s necessary to inflict it upon the world. But I have a … Continue reading

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