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The Art of the Try

November is officially over—to those of you who won NaNoWriMo, CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is an amazing accomplishment, and so exciting. To those of you who tried but didn’t succeed… CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is still an awesome accomplishment, and anyone or anything that … Continue reading

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Goals and Intimidation

There’s an unusual and contradictory feeling that comes over you when you set out to achieve your goals, no matter how desperately or joyfully you desire their completion—fatigue. You contemplate the task at hand (the larger or more complex, the … Continue reading

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Setting Goals with Planning

This post is about more than just writing, though it’s applicable to that as well. Goals are a part of daily life… unless you are a perfect human being. If you happen to roll out of bed, exercise, perform all … Continue reading

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Dream Big

I FINISHED MY BOOK!!!!!!! April Fools! Ha… ha. Well, that was just depressing. Moving on to my planned post for the day: I’ve always been taught to be humble (and polite and nice and good—all of which are good things … Continue reading

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The Future

My birthday… changed something in me. I know I tend to make big proclamations and claim revelations all the time, but this feels different. It’s like something finally woke up inside me and said, “You’re an adult. This is your … Continue reading

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The New Me (…?)

I’m sick of new years. I’m tired of New Year’s Eves, and birthdays, and anniversaries of different dates—and the wishes I make every time that this year will be different. This will be the year I finish a draft of … Continue reading

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