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Saying Goodbye to a Story

When an idea begins to come together, when it builds into a story, when you see what it could become—there is nothing more exhilarating. For me, that feeling of raw creation is why I write. But sometimes, as you develop … Continue reading

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Is It Ever Okay to Let Go?

Almost everything you hear from writing advice (my own included) is: just write. Don’t think. Don’t look back. Fight the doubt. Word vomit. Chained to the desk. Just stick with it. Don’t give up. And I would say, for the … Continue reading

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Well… We All Saw This Coming :)

I haven’t written in a while because I haven’t known what to say. I got hit with a major doubt spiral and never really emerged. The last few weeks, I’ve tried to get back on track, to follow my own … Continue reading

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