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Developing Ideas: One Path from Idea to Draft

You start with an idea, a glimmer in your eye, a shimmer in the void, a vague sense of maybe… It may be a single image, a lone character, an interesting what if? You poke and prod, squint and twist, … Continue reading

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Summary Outlines

Between the idea and the draft, there’s the constant struggle between the need to plan and the desire to just start writing—depending on what sort of writer you are, of course. If you’re someone who simply cannot know what’s going … Continue reading

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How Do You Get Ready to Draft?

At some point, all ideas must become a draft—or die useless in the mind. In order for a story to become something you can share, you have to produce it into a physical object. This could be a drawing, a … Continue reading

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Episode Development

In a college class on Fantasy Literature I read a collection of Conan the Barbarian stories by Robert E. Howard (The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian). I was struck by the idea that these separate short stories telling the various … Continue reading

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Fail of the Week #1

So, my fail this week is definitely lacking, in the sense that I don’t have any prose written. I could blame work insanity, or a backlog of reading, or any number of excuses, but the truth is that I have … Continue reading

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