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Protagonists and Their Authors

There’s a snide little comment that pops up in reviews and online criticism of novels now and again, about how the protagonist is “just a self-insert for the author.” It’s meant as a flaw, even grounds for dismissal. I remember … Continue reading

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The Young Hero and the Chosen One Trope

Most people with any passing familiarity with the fantasy genre know about the “Chosen One” trope. In its most popular incarnations, like Harry Potter and Star Wars, it follows a young man with a prophesied destiny of defeating the villain … Continue reading

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Epic Heroes and Cliches

I really could not think what to post about today… So you get some random notes I made on epic heroes! Congratulations… 🙂 Heroes and Epic Fantasy Clichés A lot of times, heroes (almost always male) will start in one … Continue reading

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From Idea to Story

[No doubt part one of eight million…] When you look at a finished novel—its pacing, its characters, its settings, its twists and turns—and you look at the infant idea cradled in your mind, you might wonder how you can ever … Continue reading

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Finding the Hero

Note: When I say “hero,” I mean the protagonist of any gender. Because I’ve decided I want a single protagonist (whether or not I go with a single POV), I have to develop a character that is at the center … Continue reading

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Avoiding the Antihero

I wrote last week about the downsides of an “ordinary” protagonist, and about how I wanted to seek out an “extraordinary” protagonist. This means a character with history, with personality, with awareness and a pre-established identity. This sort of character … Continue reading


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Building the Generic Hero Motivation

A story is a character who wants something. It really can be that simple… or that difficult. Depending on the genre, structure, and skill of the author, a character’s motivation must be clear (as in having a definitive end point … Continue reading

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