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Another Weak(ly) Update :)

To say my attention to this blog has been weak is a massive understatement, and I apologize at my complete lack of material here. I could blame–truthfully–the fact that I’ve actually been writing like crazy lately, and it has been the … Continue reading

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Random Recommendation Time!

Hi all, Just in time for winter breaks that might lend themselves to some leisure time, I thought I’d recommend a time-suck that is both entertaining and enlightening! The media critic videos of Chez Apocalypse offer a myriad of fascinating discussions … Continue reading

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Random Recommendations

You can tell I’m not fully sure what to post today… so I’m going to list a few random recommendations for things. I already recommended Pinterest on Monday, so I figured I’d add some other things that, if you’re bored, … Continue reading

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Creativity Guides

There are a lot of great books out there about writing—about creating characters, structuring plots, or crafting settings and dialogue. But lately I’ve been reading more books about creativity in general, about the elusive process of making things up and … Continue reading

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