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Social Anxiety and Decision-Making

Someone who has never dealt with anxiety (or any other mental illness) may not fully understand just how difficult it can be to go against the anxiety-based instincts and thought processes ingrained into your mind. Just identifying which thoughts and … Continue reading


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Unsolicited Advice

It appears to be a fact of small talk, perhaps just in the Midwest suburbs, that people will constantly give you unsolicited advice. These are suggestions (and sometimes unending interrogations intended to supply potential suggestions) for what to do—for a … Continue reading

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Introversion vs. Social Anxiety (Part Two)

In between blabbing about writing, I’ve written about introversion and social anxiety because they’re a huge part of my life outside of writing. Somehow, even when I’m not really thinking about it, they factor into almost all of my decisions … Continue reading

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Introversion vs. Social Anxiety

When I was a kid, I was very outgoing. According to my mother, I would talk to strangers on park benches (with her anxiously watching, I’m sure). I would take the lead role amidst my friends and boss them around … Continue reading

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Write What You Love

I truly believe the absolute best way to have a writing career is to write what you love, and let the career follow. Maybe that career is publication and fandom and success, or maybe it’s self-publishing, or maybe it’s free … Continue reading

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