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The Subconscious Ism

There’s a kind of racism and sexism and prejudice that’s easy to spot, and easy to hate. It’s the overt violence, the hateful word thrown out not as an ironic joke but as a sincere insult, the flat statement about … Continue reading

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The Flow and the Void

Many creativity guides out there will suggest that the ultimate experience of creativity is something called “flow.” Basically, it is a state of total concentration and free expression, full of joy and without anxiety or doubt. To some, it feels … Continue reading

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Writing through Commitment Phobia

Below the cut is probably the best self-analysis and positive strategizing I’ve done on this blog. But it’s also long and navel-gazing and probably boring and annoying to anyone who’s not me, so I put it below a cut to … Continue reading

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The Cycle of Doubt

[As I’ve only had two days, I don’t have a ‘fail of the week’ this week—which is the biggest fail of all, I suppose. I’ll definitely have something next week, though… I hope. :)] I wrote in another post that … Continue reading

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