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The Second Draft: The Initial Edits

For some reason, I have been completely unmotivated in revising my project. It’s not that I don’t want to get it ready for someone else to read it—I absolutely do. But whether it’s laziness, impatience, fear, intimidation, or simply not … Continue reading

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Why I Hate the Idea of the Friendzone

Here’s why I hate the whole “men are only friends with women to have sex with them” idea—even if it’s true, which it shouldn’t be: Because it reduces a woman’s value as a person to sex. You can’t possibly want … Continue reading

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Character-Driven Stories

They say that stories can be divided into two broad categories: plot-driven and character-driven. Essentially, it’s based on what moves your story forward—car chases and clues and fights, or conversations and decisions and relationships? Now, obviously, this is a broad … Continue reading

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Procrastination, for me, happens for two reasons: fear and laziness. Fear, or resistance or doubt, is all about subtle manipulations of thought that convince me not to work on what I know I need to work on. It’s mostly about … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on the True Blood Finale


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When Does an Idea Become a Story?

I’ve got a theme for the week, and I’m going with it. Several of my posts this week have been about getting ideas—from what you read, from what you think as you read, from a branding idea—but how do you … Continue reading

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Analyzing for Ideas

If you can’t tell, I’m still on a bit of a kick about what I’ll write next. I’m still sure I’ll work on revising my current project, but I have undoubtedly relapsed into my old ways of idea-development-doubt-collapse. I’m not … Continue reading

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Should You Write What You Like to Read?

I’ve written several times on this blog about examining what you like to read, and writing that. For the most part, it’s common advice that I think is a pretty solid place to start when it comes to figuring out … Continue reading

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Rebounding from Resistance

Sometimes you just need a good pep talk. Both of my parents are excellent at telling it like it is and telling me to: “just do it already.” And sometimes I really need to hear that. Resistance takes a lot … Continue reading

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Building a Brand

So, somewhere along the line, I kind of got it stuck in my head that I need to build a “brand” (or “platform”) for my work. Basically, you hope to gain an audience with the first work, and then they’re … Continue reading

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