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What Can Other Mediums Teach Us?

As a fan of various works in various mediums, it can be exceedingly tempting to look at a TV show or movie and think: “I want to write something like that.” If you’re trying to write for TV or film, … Continue reading

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Encouraging Quotes

One book about writing and creativity I enjoyed was Seven Steps on the Writer’s Path by Nancy Pickard and Lynn Lott. Beyond the advice and exploration written by the authors, the chapters were furnished with a multitude of quotes. I’ve … Continue reading

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The Flow and the Void

Many creativity guides out there will suggest that the ultimate experience of creativity is something called “flow.” Basically, it is a state of total concentration and free expression, full of joy and without anxiety or doubt. To some, it feels … Continue reading


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Indirect Inspiration

Sometimes the muse is silent, the page is blank, and the fingers are still. This can be before the project is even developed, or part way through when searching for new elements, or later in drafting and revision. And, as … Continue reading

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