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Developing Ideas: One Path from Idea to Draft

You start with an idea, a glimmer in your eye, a shimmer in the void, a vague sense of maybe… It may be a single image, a lone character, an interesting what if? You poke and prod, squint and twist, … Continue reading

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Choosing a Kind Target Audience

As I write, even a first draft, I am constantly thinking about two things: quality and reception. These are absolutely the WRONG things to be thinking about while drafting, for all sorts of reasons, but they happen beyond my control. … Continue reading

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The Dystopian Trend

There’s some evidence that the dystopia trend is starting to wane—simply because it’s becoming oversaturated. Post-apocalyptic stories in films and TV shows start to inundate the mainstream culture with more and more material so that most new stories are doomed … Continue reading

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Character-Driven Stories

They say that stories can be divided into two broad categories: plot-driven and character-driven. Essentially, it’s based on what moves your story forward—car chases and clues and fights, or conversations and decisions and relationships? Now, obviously, this is a broad … Continue reading

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Building a Brand

So, somewhere along the line, I kind of got it stuck in my head that I need to build a “brand” (or “platform”) for my work. Basically, you hope to gain an audience with the first work, and then they’re … Continue reading

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