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When in Doubt, Cats

I’m really struggling to come up with a blog post today, since I’m kind of in limbo on a lot of things… so rather than force some half-baked crap on anyone, I’m just going to post a picture of my … Continue reading

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Imagining Future Success: Boon or Bust?

Writing at my parents’ house does come with a few distractions…   So far, I’ve experienced some really strange mentalities while in the middle of the drafting process. Leading up to the draft, it’s all preparation and planning and anxiety about … Continue reading

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Strengths and Weaknesses

Cute cat pic of the week: Kozmo being adorable (if I do say so myself). Writing advice is a tricky thing, because every writer is different. One writer may thrive on a detailed outline; another may only be able to … Continue reading

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Daily Blogging

Obligatory cat picture of the week: Maggie “helping” me with my work. I have met my goal of blogging daily for the entire month of April—hooray! A goal I actually met! It’s a miracle. And I’m going to do my … Continue reading

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Sharing and Promotion

This is a picture of one of my babies (Kozmo). Yes, I’m a cat lady—deal with it. I could do an entire blog of blurry iPod photos and videos of my (parents’) two cats, and never run out. But this … Continue reading

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