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Sexism in Romance

I’ve written a few times about my relationship with romance and stories like Twilight… it’s complicated. But I saw this Tumblr thread the other day about John Green’s defense of Twilight and others who took issue with that defense, and it … Continue reading


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Getting Feedback on Your Idea

I went for a walk with my dad last night, and the conversation turned to writing—mainly as a, “You’re getting old; what are you going to do with your life?” sort of thing. But as I mentioned my one-month challenge, … Continue reading

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The Question of Realism

Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD! (And it got a bit long—but I find this stuff really interesting and challenging as a wannabe writer) “Realism” is a funny concept in fiction. As a genre/setting label, it refers to works set in what we … Continue reading

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In Defense of Movies Based on Books

[I actually wrote this ages ago for my Livejournal in college… but I still stand by it.] A surprising amount of movies are based on novels, or short stories, or other original sources. Some of them are faithful adaptations, some … Continue reading

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Wish Fulfillment and the Mary Sue–Part Two

This is a follow-up to this post, which ends with the question: Can you write about wish fulfillment without creating a Mary Sue character? These are just some of my thoughts on the issue… The first and easiest way to … Continue reading

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Wish Fulfillment and the Mary Sue–Part One

Sometimes a work has wish fulfillment as a byproduct of the story (either within the work or within the fandom of that work), and sometimes the wish fulfillment is very much the center of the story. Sometimes the wish fulfillment … Continue reading

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