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Imagining Future Success: Boon or Bust?

Writing at my parents’ house does come with a few distractions…   So far, I’ve experienced some really strange mentalities while in the middle of the drafting process. Leading up to the draft, it’s all preparation and planning and anxiety about … Continue reading

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The State of the Blog

So, shockingly, I’ve been keeping up with posting daily for about three months now. You can probably tell from the state of the some of the posts that it’s not easy to keep thinking of new topics without retreading the … Continue reading

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Bad Poetry Friday: Me.

I think this will be my last bad poetry Friday, for a while at least. I’ve pained you enough. For my last entry, I’ve chosen a relatively recent poem, and quite personal. It’s a bit silly, and probably more than … Continue reading

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I am as determined as ever that I will write a book. But I have no idea what that book will be. I realized a while ago that I am not a natural storyteller. I love to build worlds, I … Continue reading

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