My Books

As an exercise in fun and feedback, I have now started putting my first book up on Wattpad! Here’s a post with more info on why. I hope you’ll consider checking it out!

Don’t want a Wattpad account but still want to follow the story? I’ll be posting every chapter update on my Tumblr (if you have a Tumblr account), or I believe you can log in with Facebook from the Wattpad site. 🙂

The Illiterati


High school senior Jenna Avery has always known that the best escape is a good story—she just never knew the stories were in danger of escaping themselves. When she discovers the secret society hidden beneath the bookstore where she works, she finds her fellow employees, including the quiet stock boy she’d barely noticed before, traveling into the worlds of stories that have a nasty habit of blending into each other and threatening to collapse. Joining in on their adventures and wandering magical cities, escaping from mad villains, and attending elegant balls brings all her dreams to life—but quickly proves a distraction from the reality of caring for the grandfather who raised her, making time for her friends, and trying not to fail out of high school. Who wants to deal with the real world when the magic of stories turns escapism into a way of life?


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