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Developing Ideas: One Path from Idea to Draft

You start with an idea, a glimmer in your eye, a shimmer in the void, a vague sense of maybe… It may be a single image, a lone character, an interesting what if? You poke and prod, squint and twist, … Continue reading

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The Plan B Life

When I was very young, I fell in love with books. And it wasn’t long before I realized I wanted to make books—about the time I realized books were made by people and not delivered from the ether. I mentioned … Continue reading

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When You Like Problematic Things–As a Creator

I wrote a while back about liking problematic things as a consumer—how we inevitably support problematic media because, well, we like it. Even being aware of how it’s problematic doesn’t cancel out the elements we do enjoy—and sometimes, due to … Continue reading

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The Evolution of a Dream

There’s a home video of me, six years old, saying I want to write books. I had just learned that the books I love came from somewhere—or rather, from someone. And I wanted to be that someone. I folded stacks … Continue reading

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