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Daily Blogging

Obligatory cat picture of the week: Maggie “helping” me with my work. I have met my goal of blogging daily for the entire month of April—hooray! A goal I actually met! It’s a miracle. And I’m going to do my … Continue reading

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In Defense of Movies Based on Books

[I actually wrote this ages ago for my Livejournal in college… but I still stand by it.] A surprising amount of movies are based on novels, or short stories, or other original sources. Some of them are faithful adaptations, some … Continue reading

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When You Like Problematic Things: As a Consumer

For a very long time, really too long a time, I knew nothing of the world. I still don’t know much, but I have learned a lot in the last couple years. In fact, I think I’ve learned more after … Continue reading

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Indirect Inspiration

Sometimes the muse is silent, the page is blank, and the fingers are still. This can be before the project is even developed, or part way through when searching for new elements, or later in drafting and revision. And, as … Continue reading

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Managing Complexity in Worldbuilding: Rankings

So the first three posts in this series laid out what I think are the main factors in worldbuilding. You could argue that geography is another (I guess I’d put that as part of “society”), or that distance from the … Continue reading

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Bad Poetry Friday: Sight

It’s Bad Poetry Friday again! I’m going to retire this feature soon, I think, because as much crappy poetry as I have stocked up, I really don’t think it’s necessary to inflict it upon the world. But I have a … Continue reading

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Developing Ideas: Further Development

So I wrote a few posts ago about “Trust vs. Development,” and I said how I was trying to develop less before starting to write. But in my last post on “The Collapse,” I realized that one source of the … Continue reading

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