Blog Update

So… did I mention how addicting fanfiction is? ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s been a month since I updated, and all I can say is sorry. I’m pretty sure any regular readers have long since moved on, which is perfectly understandable. Anyone who stumbles upon this site or the old posts, I’m grateful to have you–and I have not abandoned this blog.

The issue with a writing blog when you’re struggling to write (or spending all your time writing really fun–but really not ‘career’-focused–fanfic) is that there isn’t much new to say. You also don’t really feel like an authority on writing, and yet another post on the struggles of creativity or writer’s block or finding motivation rings hollow and familiar.

To say that I’m struggling with where I’m at in my life, with the choices I’ve made, with the choices I have to make now… would be an understatement. I’m also at a point where I’m in a bit of a shame spiral about everything on top of that confusion, and it’s… not fun. So fanfiction was fun and I followed helplessly after, even as it sort of digs my pit a little deeper. It’s writing, though, and it’s building some emotional tools I can hopefully bring to my original writing–as long as I get back to my original writing, of course.

Where do I go from here? Well, isn’t that the question of the hour. I don’t know how personal to get with this blog–I don’t imagine anyone’s really interested–but I’ll try and get better about sharingย something with anyone out there who’s also on this crazy writing ride. I can’t promise anything, though, so take from that what you will.

I’m appreciative to every single person who stumbles past this site, for however long or whatever reason, so thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I will try to be better.

– J


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3 Responses to Blog Update

  1. I think all bloggers take time away from their blogs and most readers understand that sometimes we just need to recharge our blogging batteries lol. I know my pattern over the years is to blog from October to May and I think my readers are used to my summer absences at this point ๐Ÿ˜€

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