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On Fandom and Creativity

I believe this is the golden age of fandom. We could have a debate about the quality of current content versus the classics of old—certainly more is being produced today, and “nerd culture” is at its most mainstream—but that debate … Continue reading

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Update on Wattpad–Complete!

Hi all, Just wanted to check in briefly and let you know that my “novel” on Wattpad is now completely posted! Check out the “My Books” tag above for the link, if you’re interested. 🙂 I’ve gotten a few more … Continue reading

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Update on Wattpad

For those following along at home (after this long hiatus, I’m sorry), and considering using Wattpad for releasing your own fiction into the wild, I thought I’d give an update on how it’s going. The mechanics for uploading a chapter … Continue reading

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Considering Wattpad…

So, almost a year ago, I wrote a book. My first, ever, and I was filled with a glee and joy I’d never known. Until it came time to edit, and I found my baby bookling was not the perfect … Continue reading

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The Growth Mentality

I finished another book!! I am so excited, most of all because this means the first one wasn’t a fluke. This is something I can actually do. I have written books. I know someone out there might be thinking: well, … Continue reading

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The Art of the Try

November is officially over—to those of you who won NaNoWriMo, CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is an amazing accomplishment, and so exciting. To those of you who tried but didn’t succeed… CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is still an awesome accomplishment, and anyone or anything that … Continue reading


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Dealing with Rejection

Getting rejected sucks. There’s no denying it—and it’s perfectly okay to feel sad when that rejection letter (or more commonly now, e-mail) rolls in. Feel the pain; have a cry if you need to; comfort yourself in whatever way you … Continue reading

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This post has been a long time coming (which sounds a lot more dramatic than it needs to be; what can I say? Writer). The first couple months of this year, I was low. I don’t know what it was, … Continue reading

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Should We Ever Listen to Writer’s Block?

Some say writer’s block is a myth. Perhaps they’re right. But I believe that difficulty in creating is found in artists of all kinds, and it takes a multitude of forms. At its most basic core, a “block” as I … Continue reading

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Procrastination, for me, happens for two reasons: fear and laziness. Fear, or resistance or doubt, is all about subtle manipulations of thought that convince me not to work on what I know I need to work on. It’s mostly about … Continue reading

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