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How Writing Fanfiction Can Make You a Better Writer

A lot of people have talked about the benefits of fanfiction—the lack of gatekeepers to allow beginning writers to dive right in, the built-in audience for support and motivation, the potential for growth and feedback—and all of these are absolutely … Continue reading


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Choosing a Kind Target Audience

As I write, even a first draft, I am constantly thinking about two things: quality and reception. These are absolutely the WRONG things to be thinking about while drafting, for all sorts of reasons, but they happen beyond my control. … Continue reading

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The Question of Realism

Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD! (And it got a bit long—but I find this stuff really interesting and challenging as a wannabe writer) “Realism” is a funny concept in fiction. As a genre/setting label, it refers to works set in what we … Continue reading

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Write What You Love

I truly believe the absolute best way to have a writing career is to write what you love, and let the career follow. Maybe that career is publication and fandom and success, or maybe it’s self-publishing, or maybe it’s free … Continue reading

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