The Pluses of Pinterest

Pinterest  has become a bit of a new fad in “social media”–although I hesitate to use the term, because I think you can use it without a bit of social interaction. It’s a website of images, often attached to links which may show you how to buy or make what’s in the image, and which you can “pin” to various boards of your own making.

I think it’s a fantastic tool for writers, particularly in defining aesthetics of invented worlds. I use it primarily for fashion and architecture, not for me, but for my worlds and characters. It could also be used to choose foods, animals, etc.

Normal people use it to find arts, crafts, daily looks, wedding planning, etc. I also use it for cat pics and inspirational quotes and endless pictures of libraries and bookcases. 🙂

Looking for an outfit for your character? A room for your setting? Type a vague search term (“Steampunk” “Post-apocalyptic” etc.) and you’ll find plenty of inspirational images. You can also add images of your own or from around the web.

It’s a bit of a time-suck, if you can’t control yourself, but I think a strong aesthetic is great for fantasy worlds (and even for normal worlds–what’s your character’s fashion sense? How do they decorate their home?).

So this has been your daily plug for social media. 🙂


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2 Responses to The Pluses of Pinterest

  1. I love Pinterest, it’s great for writing inspiration and, well, everything. Though I can easily spend hours on it and forget to do anything else! 😀

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